Train your Android to listen to for a specific sound.

Simply press the test button on your fire-alarm, lab equipment, machine room or other devices. Sentector will pick up the sound in the room, and remember that specific sound. It will automatically monitor your room 24-hours a day from any Android tablet or phone.


Get notified when a specific sound goes off in your room or lab.

If something happens in your room, while you are away - don't worry. Sentector will instantly inform you over the internet that your alarm is ringing in the room. It will also send you a recording and picture of what's going on, so you can quickly see any problems.


Set up your desired settings and explore more features.

Sentector comes easy to setup with a single training button once you start the app. But you can explore the additional settings such as the ability configure your email, sound and picture settings. More features are planned, so join our mailing list.

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